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Trendy Kitchen Designs

When a homeowner decides to remodel their kitchen there are many ways in which you can do this. One way to accomplish this is to use a trendy kitchen design idea. You want to make sure that the kitchen design that you choose is something that will have staying power and not appear outdated within a few months. Exactly what you can do will depend on your budget. One thing that is different is to change the color of the walls. In the 70’s there was the phase of kitchen colors of avocado and harvest gold kitchens. Today the trendy kitchen design is to have a white kitchen. Yes, this seems a risky color, especially if you have children. Painting your walls white in the kitchen is a remodeling project that will not break the bank. It also allows you to use various color schemes and it will be easy to change the color themes if you get tired of the present on.

Looking back in time at the kitchen appliances you can see that overtime they were evolving and now the trendy look are stainless steel appliances. Yes, these are generally more expensive than white or colored appliances. Having stainless steel appliances can help cut back on the time needed to keep the outside cleaned. In commercial kitchens you will find their appliances are stainless steel because they are easy-to-clean and rugged. They also last a long time and can withstand the commotion of the busy home. They do not scratch easy and it is easier to keep the stovetop clean because they resist stains. Yes they are a little more expensive but they will last longer and save homeowners money by not having to replace them as often.

Another new trendy kitchen design is having glass-front cabinets. They are a must if you have a small kitchen because the open look can make the space feel bigger. They give your kitchen the same feeling as open shelving and they allow you to see inside the cabinet to make sure you have the right one for what you need instead of searching each cabinet. Glass-front cabinets will make your kitchen look timeless.

One of the new trends is utilizing farmhouse sinks with the apron-front farmhouse sink being the most popular. It gives the kitchen a modern feel with a nostalgic look. This type of kitchen sink is meant to provide depth so you can avoid splashing yourself when you are doing dishes and are also wide enough to hold more dishes and pots and pans. To add to this trendy kitchen design you should consider using a backdrop or tile backsplash behind the sink made of subway tiles. They are inexpensive and good great with most any other material.

Finding the Right Sink Style

Finding the right sink for your kitchen and bathroom can be a bit overwhelming. With the vast selection of sinks available in the market today, it is quite confusing, and sometimes frustrating, to decide which product would fit perfectly inside your home.

You may already have set yourself into buying a similar sink you’ve seen at a friend’s house, but a visit to the local home-improvement store will surely make you consider other options. Walking between the extensive collection of sink products on display, you become more and more undecided. You spend hours choosing: 1. which material should your sink be made of; 2. which style would complement your interior; and 3. which added functionality should you consider necessary.

As you leave the checkout counter, you feel like a lot of your time, money, and effort slowly goes down the drain. You drive home thinking you made the best decision. Upon arriving home, however, you begin to realize that the sink you have just purchased seems a little out of place.

Much like any other fixture in the house, your kitchen and bathroom sinks require the needed functionality and design which suits the lifestyle of everyone at home. To help you choose among the common sink styles you’ll find in the market today, here is a list that will guide you in your planning and purchase:

a. Drop-in Sink

Placed fittingly inside a hole cut out of the countertop, the Drop-in Sink is a traditional style of the fixture long since. Also known as a “Top-mount Sink,” it hangs on the countertop, with its rim or lip resting on the perimeter of the cutout.


  • The Drop-in Sink is easy and inexpensive to install.
  • An overlapping rim protects the edges of the countertop’s cut out from chipping.
  • It is widely available at most home improvement stores.
  • Should there be a need for a replacement, it can be easily done without damaging the countertop.


  • Dirt and gunk can build up between the rim and the countertop.
  • The sink’s rim covers a small part of the countertop, which many find unsightly.

b. Undermount Sink

The Undermount Sink provides a sleek and uninterrupted look for your kitchen’s surface. It attaches below the countertop, which hides the rim from plain sight.


  • You can conveniently wipe spills or crumbs straight into the sink.
  • It provides more countertop space compared to other sink types.
  • An Undermount Sink imparts a higher resale value for your home.


  • Not only is it much more expensive to buy, but the installation also costs higher than all other sink types.
  • Gunk can build up on the underside where the sink attaches to the countertop.
  • Replacing the sink requires having the right set of tools or the need for professional help.
  • It only works with solid countertop materials, like granite, marble, quartz, etc.. It can not be combined with laminate or tile countertops, as they may not be able to support the weight of the water which the sink will bear on a daily use.

c. Farmhouse Sink

The Farmhouse, or Apron Sink, is a popular pick for rustic or vintage-style kitchens. Its prominent feature is a large forward facing section (apron) which replaces a part of the lower cabinet and countertop.


  • Compared to other sinks, it has a deeper basin that can accommodate big baking pans and large casseroles.
  • It eliminates the need to bend over when doing the dishes as it sticks out slightly from the supporting cabinetry.


  • A Farmhouse Sink requires a custom-made cabinet, which can be a bit costly.
  • Scratches may occur on the front face of the sink (e.g., a user may unintentionally scrape the apron with the metal button of his or her jeans when using the sink).
  • Water tends to drip down the apron and onto the floor or cabinet doors.

d. Vessel Sink

The Vessel Sink makes a beautiful addition to any home as it adds uniqueness and creates a focal point for the bathroom. It is basically a basin fixed on top of a vanity top or is placed partially recessed. It is paired with either a deck or a wall-mounted faucet.


  • It is eye-catching yet highly functional.
  • The Vessel Sink is available in glass, porcelain, copper, stone, and other materials to match the elements of any interior.
  • It is the easiest type of sink to install (and replace, if needed).
  • This sink allows more space for toiletries, decorations, and other bathroom items.


  • Splashing may occur if the faucet’s height and placement do not match the with the sink.
  • Extra cleaning is needed as you are required to wipe both the inner and outer surfaces of the bowl.
  • It may cause problems to young children, who may be tempted to grab on to the sides of the basin to pull themselves up.

With all the many options available for your kitchen and bathroom, finding the best sink for your home should be an enjoyable task. You need not worry about finding the perfect one as each style of the sink has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no right or wrong choice.

Always remember, when buying a sink: follow your personal taste and consider your lifestyle. You’ll be amazed by how a simple sink can make a big splash in your place.

Gauge Sinks Are Now Available for Residential Homes

Over the last decade stainless steel sinks have become increasingly popular in modern homes. They help to accent architectural detail and finishes. Clean lines and cool textures reflect surrounding colors and patterns. Stainless steel will complement your décor long after trendy colors are out of style. This is particularly relevant in contemporary or modern design settings.

When choosing which steel sink is right for your home one of the main considerations is the gauge of the stainless steel. The gauge refers to the thickness of the steel. The lower the gauge, the thicker and thus better the steel. Accordingly, 18 gauge is thicker and more durable than 20 gauge.

18g is considered by most to be a good thickness for use in a kitchen sink. You should have very little denting from an 18g sink. As a result this has become the industry standard. However, as time passes, people are beginning to notice that 16 gauge sinks are far superior when compared to their 18g counterparts. Consequently, one will seldom find an 18g sink in a luxurious home, they almost ubiquitously employ 16 gauge sinks. Until now…

The time has finally come to where homeowners can get even higher quality sinks. 14 gauge sinks have recently become available for residential homes. In the past only industrial sinks were made with such high quality materials. Manufacturers have seemingly noticed the market trend toward the superior 16g sinks and followed suite by providing homeowners with 14 gauge stainless steel options.

Benefits of stainless steel:

Large Basin Capacity: The light weight yet durable qualities allow for it to be formed into larger and deeper bowls that may not otherwise be possible with other materials such as the commonly used cast iron.

Shock Absorbent: It has a decent amount of give. This means that on impact it creates a slight cushion for glasses and dishes which will help prevent the dishes from getting damaged.

Eco Friendly: It is a recyclable material and it doesn’t degrade or lose any of its qualities during the recycling process.

Low Cost: They are much more affordable than other sink options. Having said that, steel quality and other specifications can vary greatly so there are indeed some very high end and expensive stainless steel sinks.

Durability: These are so durable that a 14 gauge sink will likely outlast your kitchen.

Easy to Maintain: It is easy to care for and is not effected by household cleaning chemicals.

Clean Stainless Steel Appliances With These 4 Amazing Tips

The task of cleaning stainless steel utensils and appliances used in the kitchen is something that proves too troublesome for many homeowners. Stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances are exceptionally preferred yet sadly, many of those start showing stains & marks quite quickly and this can be an issue of worry for a lot of homeowners.

Check out these amazing tips that can work wonderfully in removing the stains & marks from utensils and appliances of your kitchen.

Cleaning Tip #1 – A pattern is usually visible on most utensils and appliances. These are the lines that can be seen easily on the surface. While doing the cleaning work, make sure you constantly clean in the same direction parallel to these lines.

Cleaning Tip #2 – To expel stains & marks you need to utilise warm water, a small amount of gentle cleaner and a delicate fabric to wash the surface. Wash the surface properly with clean water, and then dry well with a towel so water spots won’t show on the utensil.

Cleaning Tip #3 – While cleaning stainless steel to expel fingerprints, you should utilise a glass cleaning solution. Have a look at this homemade solution that can prove to be quite helpful.

  • Take a 500ml spray bottle, and then add 50mls white vinegar and water in it. Then, use this mixture and spray on the utensils and appliances and wipe off with clean fabric to expel fingerprints.

Cleaning Tip #4 – In case, the above mentioned tips aren’t effective on your utensils and appliances, then you need to use a stainless steel cleaner. Keep in mind to rub in the same direction as the pattern lines. Before utilizing any cleaning solution or product on your stainless items, first try it on a portion that is not visible easily. This should be done to guarantee that you get the outcome that you need and it functions properly on your stainless items.

You should always keep in mind that stainless steel is prone to scratches so it becomes quite important to take proper care of every utensil and appliance in your kitchen. The scratches become the home of dirt and grime, and eventually these scratches ruin the surface completely.

One of the best options is to hire stainless steel rust removal based professional services that can do the job for you without damaging the expensive appliances.

The four tips mentioned above for cleaning stainless steel will make the work a lot easier for homeowners who have to face the difficulty of cleaning stubborn stains. Having the spray bottle handy means that fingerprints on the utensils and appliances can be removed easily and quickly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5 Popular Kitchen Counter Top Materials

Counter tops play a crucial role in setting the mood in a kitchen. They also have a functional role to play as they serve as a suitable worktop for your cooking, baking, prepping, and other needs. Such work surfaces in the kitchen can be made with many materials. Each of them works for different interior settings, and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look at 5 popular picks for kitchen counter tops.

• Granite

Granite is possibly the most widely used materials for kitchen counter tops. This mottled appearance of granite displays a beautiful array of colors and patterns that works just fine traditional and transitional themes. Each piece of granite is unique, so you also bring in this exclusivity to your kitchen when you opt for this material. Additionally, splashes, nicks, cuts, heat marks etc. do not show up on such surfaces, and hence, wear and tear is less visible on granite counter tops. On the downside, granite needs to be sealed well to avoid stains. The material is also extremely heavy, so it can only be fitted over cabinets that are strong and sturdy.

• Marble

Marble is a material that looks and feels rich in any interior setting. Its luminescent surface and unique veining make it an unmatched choice for traditional homes. The elegance exuded by a marble counter top is unmatched by any other stone. It tolerates heat well, and hence is an apt choice for pastry and baking needs. However, marble forms stains easily, even when sealed. It also forms cracks and chips easily. As a result, it becomes less sensible to use marble throughout the kitchen counter top – most home owners restrict the use of marble to a limited space.

• Zinc

This metal that is seen in commercial kitchen is now a favorite in residences too. This old-fashioned material is a good pick for those who love metallic counter tops. Zinc has a soft, matte look, and develops a rich patina with time, and over use. The material is also malleable, making it a great pick for detailing. The anti-microbial properties of Zinc also add to the appeal of this metal in kitchen work surfaces. Zinc can also be cleaned easily with just a swipe of a cleaning cloth and mild liquid. The metal however, is expensive. It develops scratches and heat marks easily, which can spoil the appearance of the counter top. Acids and liquids can also react with the surface and leave undesirable marks on the worktop.

• Laminates

Laminate counter tops are made with a blend of paper, resins, and particle boards fused to one another. It has been a popular pick for decades, also owing to its considerably lower cost. Laminate counter tops today are as stylish as work surfaces made from any other material. Many improved designs mimic actual stones, wood, and other expensive materials, but can be fitted at a fraction of the cost of the original. Laminate is also easy to clean and maintain, and can be fitted over light cabinetry as well. On the other hand, this material is prone to scratches, burns, and some kind of stains. Also, the layer that make the laminate can peel over time and use. Laminates also don’t work with under mount sink, and can be difficult to repair or replace if damaged.

• Wood/Butcher’s block

Wooden counter tops are a classic addition to kitchen spaces. They always retain their freshness, and are ideal for country, rustic, and cottage styled kitchens. The warm and natural feel of wood tones is inviting in kitchen spaces. Even if scratches develop, you can buff them down, or leave them as is for that shopworn look. On the downside, wood expands and contracts with exposure to moisture and heat. It can also warp or crack if not treated properly. The block also needs to be oiled to fill in scratches, and to keep the counter top well protected.

In addition to the above, you can use soapstone, engineered stone, recycled glass, pewter, and many other materials on your kitchen counter tops.

Find Ways to Install Sensational Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen backsplashes have not usually been beautified in the past, considered necessary only as protection for space above the countertop. The result was a drab and uninteresting surface. Now that tiles have witnessed so much of designs, textures, colors, and blends, it is time to adorn kitchen walls too besides the living room and bedroom walls. Why should kitchen walls remain colorless? Get backsplash tile designs in exotic colors and patterns and many people are fond of them. Check out a few chic kitchen wall tile designs and get an idea where and how to use it.

1. A Powerful Intensity

Contrasting colors and designs create a dramatic effect. Choose from numerous patterns in wall tiles. Do you fancy flowers or checks on solid backgrounds? Revive the stale kitchen walls with a glowing effect for a complete makeover of the environment.

2. Create a potent kitchen Character

If backsplashes are installed up to the ceiling, it does create a smashing surrounding. Along with the power, the height of the room looks so much greater. Liven up that otherwise dreary space. Ceiling height backsplashes merge all the kitchen features artistically and regularity replaces the mess.

3. Eternal values Reign

Subway tiles truly represent timeless aspirations, having been around for so long across generations. Subways surround us everywhere in the city and not only in kitchens where they became so common. A classic smartness comes to the home under the impact of the subways. Get them in large sizes too that create altered ideas of space in fancy kitchens.

4. A Rural Effect

Going white all the way calls for some glossy effects. Blend the tiny tiles with larger white tiles to bring depth. Let the lighting focus on the shining mosaic tiles. Stone creates perfectly natural looks, modern too.

5. Wood Finish

The natural wood look is an eternal favorite. It is a calming effect that ceramic wood look tiles promote, easily cleaned too. Cabinets of solid colors would create an esthetic kitchen to elevate the soul.

Choose a bright kitchen ambiance with the many colors and designs of wall tiles. Choose from a range of dramatic styles and introduce a novel look.

These tiles come in complex designs in great variety. Animate the walls with an exciting finish. Two colors or designs could blend or contrast according to your preferences. These tips along with several others would provide ideas to decorate the bathroom or other environments as well.

Kitchen Sinks: Sorts, Utility and More

To keep away from having a draining experience one should be mindful when installing the same as this is the zone of the kitchen that will have to withstand a lot. The market offers a wide range of choices. Let us now learn more about this imperative part without which modern urban kitchens would fail to function effectively. Read on!

Types of sinks Explored:

Although generally, we get to see single bowl wash basins in kitchens, double and triple bowls are also available in the market and as per the requirement, the same can be installed. The plan of your kitchen is the only deciding factor and based on that you have to work around. As far as highly functional kitchen sinks are concerned, there is a bevy of choices.

Surface-mounted, wall mounted, under-mounted and self-rimming or drop-in kitchen sinks are some of the options that are popularly seen in homes depending on the kitchen designs. Surface-mounted sinks – as the name suggests – have the body of the basin is fitted on the surface of the counter, not a frequent choice of homeowners but its exquisite style and elegance cannot be undermined.

About the wall-mounted ones and more
Wall mounted option is suitable for those kitchens where countertops or work areas are considerably small hence vertical space is made use of. Similarly, under-mount washbowls are procured for limited kitchen space. Drop-in sinks remain the ubiquitous choice however

Choosing the right material
If you were thinking the ideal kitchen environment is best perfected by a stainless-steel sink, then think again. There are more than few options that modern-day manufacturing brings to offer. Alongside the metal finishes, you have composite stone and acrylic varieties. Stainless-steel, however, is the best choice for enduring kitchens. Others may add to the look and feel but may not be durable enough owing to their fragile frame. Read on for more information about kitchen sinks.

Sustainable living is being encouraged largely today. The manufacturing industry, as such, has now launched a fusion of recycled steel or metal and porcelain sink that will definitely be an eco-friendly option. Go green, live long!

Maintenance – easy and undemanding
Busy kitchens have a lot going on in the wash areas. With umpteen household chores at hand, one will not want to go with a sink that requires too much time for regular cleaning. Here again, stainless-steel washbowls rank high the reason being that they are super easy to clean. No scrubbing is required and just a mild wipe-off with the cleaning solution is good to go and it shines like new. Hence, not just style but utility quotient is equally to be measured when taking your pick among the plethora of kitchen sinks made available for you.

Food fanatics are always looking forward to cooking exotic dishes and to ace, the seamless kitchen milieu alongside the right kind of utensils and cookware sinks too play a pivotal role. The Internet can come to assist us to make a watchful choice, adequate research when deciding on can be rewarding.

Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor Parts

Cooking is a hobby for many people. However, the commercial processors have drawbacks like being noisy and consuming a lot of power. It is the reasons many people prefer the Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor Parts. They are available at affordable prices and are there to keep the existing unit operating efficiently.

When having broken food components, the Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor parts like batch bowl blades, disc protectors, lids, seals, and motors are available for replacing the broken components. Additionally, among Robot Coupe parts are other grids and discs that can be in use in slicing, chopping, dicing, and sharing of fruits and vegetables.

Commercial food processor parts are the best to use since they have interchangeable blades and disks, unlike other processing material parts like the blenders. Additionally, the commercial food processor elements have broad and short bowls which are a proper shape for the handling of the solid and semi solid food. Also, food parts do not need any liquid for the particles to move around the blade, unlike the blender parts that require a given liquid amount to operate.

Commercial processors are of different types; hence the parts are different depending on the type of commercial food processor. The Robot Coupe Blixer 2 has several parts that include transparent lid made of the polycarbonate to enable the cook to see the food processing inside the processor from the beginning to the end. It also has a leak proof and a handle for better gripping. Also, a leak proof lid is for preparing liquid food. An inbuilt scraper is also there for the efficiency of the processor.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 3 is another food specialized for chefs. Its parts include brushed stainless steel bowl for holding liquids. It also has an induction motor, a single blade, flat metallic base, scraper arm, leak proof lid, motor, brake, and magnetic, mechanical safety system. Furthermore, its cover is of polycarbonate design.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 4 is a high powered food that has several parts. It has four control buttons including a pulse switch and a control knob to allow the user to change between speeds. It has a brushed bowl made of stainless steel and an ergonomically designed handle. It has a safety lock arrangement. The base is metallic. It also has a single S-shaped blade with a serrated edge.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 5 is the powerful food processor for the chefs available in the market. It has a 3 HP motor and a pulse control. It has 5.5 quarts brushed stainless steel work bowl and a handle. Its lid has an opening to feed in solids for grinding and mixing. Also, its blade is removable.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 60 is a food processor specifically for the commercial purposes. It has an 11000 watts motor and a sophisticated control panel. Additionally, it has stainless steel buttons and a bowl scraper to ensure consistency within the work bowl. For more information concerning the food processor parts, visiting the Robot Coupe website will help a great deal.

Tips To Remove Rust From Stainless Steel Appliances

Homeowners purchase stainless steel kitchen products and appliances for their strength, attractive looks, usefulness, and capacity to oppose stains and rust. So it’s not surprising at all that these things always have a high demand, highly coveted, and sometimes awfully costly as well.

In any case, as the time passes by, because of consistent wear and tear, the covering begins to come off and a slight rusting begins to show up at the surface. This unattractive stain decreases the value of your appliance and it will eventually make more issues for you later on.

  • So, what steps you need to take to safeguard your expensive appliance?
  • How would you expel rust from your stainless steel barbecue grill?
  • Or, on the other hand, what steps you need to take to expel the rust from your stainless steel sink?
  • Or, how would you expel the rust from small things like a stainless steel knife?
  • Did you expel the tarnish from the surface of your stainless steel appliance?

For small things such as a folding kitchen knife, you should simply splash useful oil or lubricant, like WD40 on the surface where there’s too much rust, then take a paper napkin or towel and wipe it down properly. This generally expels most part of the rust from the stainless steel surface.

However, in case there are still some rust stains on the surface, you can take some high quality sandpaper and delicately rub it on the rusted areas. In any case, don’t try too hard or else you’ll end up removing the defensive covering and uncover the fresh metal. If you end up breaking or engraving the surface, you’ll make more issues for yourself later on.

Remember, removing the rust from a stainless steel sink is not an easy thing to do at all.

There are two approaches to clean the stain from your sink, either you call for professional help or you can do it yourself (DIY).

If you have made your mind to do the cleaning work on your own, then you need to take the natural way to expel the rust.

  • For this task, you’ll require some baking soda, fresh lemon juice, and white vinegar. Simply assess the appropriate amount of every ingredient after analyzing the size of your kitchen sink, and then blend the ingredients to make a paste and spread it over the affected area.
  • Allow it to settle for a couple of hours to give time for your natural rust remover to work, break, and disintegrate the rust. At that point simply wash the paste and stains away and wipe the sink dry.

The Holidays Are Coming, The Holidays Are Coming!

First the British were coming. Then the Russians were coming. Nevertheless, without fail, every year, the holidays are coming again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and New Years. All occurring during a five-week period. Year after year after year. There’s shopping, family, traveling, gifts, preparations and eating. And, oh, all the eating. We are living the dream here!

Now all that food, which we will consume with abandon, does not grow on trees. Well, perhaps some of it does, but all of it needs some attention before it miraculously appears on your plate in an edible fashion. And where does this attention occur. You guessed it, your kitchen! (Unless you’re frying a turkey in the backyard like I am this year in my new Costco 20lb turkey fryer).

Now more than ever, it behooves us to take the time out of our busy schedules to enjoy the holiday season. We spend more time in our kitchens than any other room in our homes, and this is especially true this time of year, when the kitchen becomes even more of the focal point of your home.

Throughout these many weeks, kitchens are not only filled with the immediate family (including Alexa or Siri), they’re also cluttered with welcome (and unwelcome) guests as well; helping, visiting, kibitzing, snooping, etc. With all the time spent in this oasis in the middle of your home, and all the people milling around, folks have a tendency to notice what doesn’t work well, in terms of design and function, so it’s no wonder that more people start to think about remodeling during the holidays than any other time of the year.

Unless you’re very fortunate, no one is going to buy you a new kitchen for Christmas or Hanukkah. It’s just not considered a romantic, holiday type gift, but maybe we should reconsider. What could say “I love you” more than a gorgeous new room to prepare meals for the family? Okay, maybe the “preparing meals” takes some of the romance out of it, but work with me on this.

Wouldn’t it be great to have enough room to prepare next year’s holiday delicacies without bumping into everyone else? And enough storage space for all your spices, as well as places to put away all the dishes, glasses and silverware after the shiny, new dishwasher has made them spotless.

If the festivities draw you to the conclusion that a new kitchen should definitely be a priority for the new year, you can get the process started by creating a “wish list” for this room to soon be. It should include everything that you would like in your new dream kitchen. Then make another list of what you really must have in case you need to trim things, if budget or space don’t allow everything from the first list.

Next step:similar sites and view what other people are doing. When you see something that interests you, save it to a file or print it out and stick it on your fridge, so that you can show it to your kitchen designer. It’s easier and safer to show someone a specific concept rather than trying to explain it, leaving less chance for misinterpretation of what you had in mind. This will ensure that your dream kitchen ends up looking like your dream kitchen and not your designers.

When the holiday season is over, if someone loved you enough to promise you a new kitchen, or you decided to give one to yourself, you’re now ready to begin the actual project. Gather up your lists, your pictures, your iPad, and find a creative designer who understands you and will be able to combine all your ideas into a stunning, functional and affordable new kitchen just for you.